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Ever since I was a child I have always loved maps. No matter if it was a simple hand-drawn treasure map or a detailed tourist map, all I wanted was to hold it in my hands.

This passion didn’t fade with the years. Shortly after obtaining my Masters degree in Landscape Architecture I discovered GIS and realized that the data behind a map can be as exciting and important as the final map itself.

For more than four years I worked as a GIS Expert & Remote Sensing Analyst for archaeologists. At that time I specialized further by diving into spatial databases, LiDAR data processing and shortly afterwards into GIS & web development. Later on I worked as a Java Web Developer at a private company. After that I got a job at a national non-profit company as a senior GIS & Web Developer where I am currently working.

In the past few years I have obtained a degree in GIS Engineering, and I have been deepening my skills in all areas of GIS development – web servers, GIS servers, plugin development, spatial databases, server- and client side programming – always focusing on Open Source solutions whenever possible. I am also an active member of the OSGeo Hungarian Chapter.




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Solymár, Hungary
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